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Hollywood’s Fearless Journalists Dare to Take on Fallen Studio Chief

Every reporter likes to think of him or herself a tough guy, one step short of a mob capo, in service of truth and justice; a fearless crusader who will rip the carotid out of foreign dictators or captains of industry at the first hint of hypocrisy or cover-up.  And if you flip through the cable chat shows, you can see, indeed they are a fearsome lot.

And no class of journalists thinks of themselves as more qualified to go toe to toe with the Gestapo than entertainment journalists.  Talk to a reporter who has just come back from a junket interviewing the stars of a romantic comedy and you’ll get the sense they just took on a tank division singlehanded.  Entertainment reporters spit nails when they talk about the powers that be.  Behind the backs of the industry giants, in private conversation with their friends, they are absolutely without fear.

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