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Meet the Brains Behind Fake Nikki Finke!


Ed’s Note: For months now, Twitter has been rocked by a pair of fake accounts mimicking the wit and wisdom of Hollywood’s mad aunt in the attic, Nikki Finke.  The life of the first – which brilliantly replicated her name spelling – was cut short after complaints from the Queen of All Sham Journalists herself, complaints that inadvertently led to Twitter at first shutting down Nikki’s own account. Since that fake account was dismantled, the crusade continued on the account @fake_nikkifinke, which daily delivers a wonderful simulacrum of NikkiSpeak.  

Today, for the first time, the genius behind these accounts has decided to lift the mask and tell the world the story of what led him down the path to being Fake Nikki. 

Fake tweeting is, in a sense, a kind of method acting for lazy people who might not want to deal with the physical effort involved in things like studying and observation. We would much rather just Google for research.

As with any form of parody, there are multiple manners of approaching a fake Twitter account—broad (@SarahPaIinUSA), specific (the 14,000 increasingly niche Hulk parodies), and flat out bizarre (@CNNNewsUSA). However, I would argue the successful Twitter parody is a confluence of all this qualities, along with some resemblance to the vague quality that defines the subject being mocked.

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LA Media Mogul Arrested for Behaving Like a LA Media Mogul in Nantucket Parking Lot

Clearly, these little people in Vermont or Delaware or wherever they keep this so called Nantucket Island understand nothing about Media Giants and how they need to operate.

At this hour, the story is breaking from the east that one of our illustrious mogul/gadabouts has been arrested and charged for behaving like an illustrious mogul/gadabout. Jay Penske, the owner and enabler of Hollywood’s favorite loony aunt in the attic, is now facing mob justice in the east:

According to a police report, the incident was initially reported as an assault and battery when two women approached police on Broad Street, claiming they had been assaulted by two men, later identified as the Penske brothers, at the yacht club’s parking lot.

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