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Welcome to LA, Space Shuttle: An Endeavour Fact Sheet

Nothing is nobler in a city than when it agrees to take in and shelter a useless former government vehicle under our roof.  On Friday, Angelenos will line the street to welcome the poor homeless little space plane to its new home.  But while we’re still getting his room ready and cutting down trees so he can fit in our streets, there’s a few things you might want to know about the newest member of our family:

• Endeavour was America’s last space shuttle built.

• Commissioned after the Challenger disaster, it was built out of spare parts left behind

• It was named after Captain Cook’s ship, for which reason a US space shuttle has a British spelling

• After the discovery of Australia was made on the original Endeavour’s first voyage, gentleman naturalist Joseph Banks who was a passenger aboard, returned home and took all the credit around town, leaving Cook to be known in his lifetime as the man who had chauffeured Banks to the South Pacific.

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