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Patt Morrison Show Being Put Out To Pasture

Sad news today in the world of hats. KPCC has announced that the Patt Morrison Show, after six years on the air, is coming to an end. Morrison is a former LA Times columnist and, according to Wikipedia:

Her fashion trademark is the wearing hats that coordinate with her clothing ensembles, she is always seen in public with one.

She identifies herself as a lacto vegetarianPink’s Hot Dogs, a Hollywood landmark and establishment known for naming unique hot dog and topping combinations after local cultural icons, has named the vegetarian‘Patt Morrison Baja Veggie hot dog’ after her.

In conclusion, here is audio of Morrison saying ‘Pussy Riot.’

The LA Times Entertainment Section: Rockin’ in the Free World While Rome Burns

On the right in the orange shirt is LA Times Entertainment Editor John Corrigan, the man who in one week has overseen the departure of the Calendar section’s two remaining name brands,  Patrick Goldstein and tonight apparently, Hero Complex blogger Geoff Boucher.

We don’t know what led to Boucher’s apparent departure,  rumors are conflicting.  Some rumor threads hold that Rockin’ in the Free World lead singer Corrigan, newly moved down to Calendar from editing the Business Section (did you know the LA Times has one of those?) , didn’t “get” Hero Complex.

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Never Go Against the Family

In the entertainment media business, the seduction of being “part of the family” is very real. Unlike politics or sports, the public face of “playing” tends to be about short bursts – movies opening, promotion, awards – while the daily grind is kept behind the scenes. When journalists are not being awed by a big new gross or a shiny award or world media domination for a month, it is easy to feel like the talent you meet is just going to work with a lunch bucket, just like you. For the price of lunch at the Polo Lounge – which your paper used to cover without a blink – you can step into their world. You can put on the tuxedo or gown and say “hello” at fancy parties, just like you belong. When you work for what is deemed a Major Outlet, your calls get answered pretty quickly and you might just think that it’s because you have “a relationship.” And sometimes you do. But mostly, the speed of a return call is measured by the amount of concern the call-ee has with what you might print and how many people they know might end up reading it the next day/week/month.

David Poland

Where Have All The Fancy Columnists Gone? On Patrick Goldstein’s Exit from the LA Times

Today marks the end of an era for the ever-dwindling number of readers of the Los Angeles Times‘s once-mighty Calendar section: Patrick Goldstein has written his last “Big Picture” column. Goldstein, a longtime LAT veteran entertainment reporter before being granted columnist stripes and the attendant high-profile soapbox that comes with them in 2000, had a long twelve-year run, but it was a run that coincidentally paralleled the Calendar section’s long, slow decline into irrelevance, not that the two are necessarily related.

By most accounts a nice guy and devoted family man and clearly well-meaning and well-connected, Goldstein played the role of the LAT‘s main “industry critic.” Rather than breaking scoops, along the lines of ex-Variety/current Deadline reporter Michael Fleming, Goldstein’s specialty was the weekly “think piece,” sometimes assuming the role of chief finger-wag to his company town’s studio execs, sometimes playing all-knowing Monday morning quarterback when postulating why certain films succeeded or failed, and, more often than not, attempting with highly varying degrees of prowess to navigate the often bewildering prevailing industry trends du jour and put them in some sort of context. He also liked to write name-droppy recaps of power lunches he had and devoted many column inches to his kid’s schoolmates’ takes on trailers for upcoming Hollywood releases.

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LA Media Mogul Arrested for Behaving Like a LA Media Mogul in Nantucket Parking Lot

Clearly, these little people in Vermont or Delaware or wherever they keep this so called Nantucket Island understand nothing about Media Giants and how they need to operate.

At this hour, the story is breaking from the east that one of our illustrious mogul/gadabouts has been arrested and charged for behaving like an illustrious mogul/gadabout. Jay Penske, the owner and enabler of Hollywood’s favorite loony aunt in the attic, is now facing mob justice in the east:

According to a police report, the incident was initially reported as an assault and battery when two women approached police on Broad Street, claiming they had been assaulted by two men, later identified as the Penske brothers, at the yacht club’s parking lot.

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Who Will Nazi the Spelling Nazis?







Among its many contributions to civic life, Kevin Roderick’s LA Observed has distinguished itself as the leading spelling Nazi and typo scold of our fair city, as the Tweet above illustrates.    Posts flagging boo-boos have become one of the site’s great standing features (not withstanding this 2009 post flagging a typo which opens with the claim that he doesn’t typically flag routine typos).

And through it all, Roderick’s own spelling has been impeccable.

So imagine the sense of the rug being pulled out from under us and our world being torn asunder when Sunday night as we prepared for a little wagon from Pasadena to touch down on the Martian soil, we turned to LA Observed and found the following: (after the jump)

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WeHo News Dings Patch For Nonexistent Murder

Local bloggers love beating up on Patch, the AOL-owned network of “hyperlocal” blogs. WeHo News is dinging WeHo Patch for falsely reporting a July 27 death on Fairfax as murder:

No other locally written and published media outlet in the area reported that death as a murder, only the one that is run by the 850-site national chain AOL.

The editor of this local AOL publication, however, waited ten days to ring up homicide to check into the death and its causes – and apparently only because the readership demanded a follow up to the erroneous crime blotter listing.

Mistakes seem to pop up like weed “patches” on this publication.


Patch says they got the info from

Note: A previous version of this post spelled Nonexistent as Non-existant. The publishers of The Native Angeleno regret this error and would like to thank Ben McKean for pointing it out.