LA Or Bhopal: Wilshire Boulevard

Curbed reports that Wilshire Boulevard is in such bad shape, the city is going to have to repave it twice.

First it will spend $800,00 just to repave the right lane from Wilton to Fairfax. Then once they have that looking post-war (and not post – apocolyptic), next year, they’ll spend $30 million to repave the whole thing and add a bus line.


This is a good moment, therefore, to inaugurate our series, LA or Bhopal?  Be sure to include an address. But please! Be careful out there. Some of those craters go down pretty deep.

Bonus episode after the jump.

OK, let’s play… LA or Bhopal?

If you guessed LA… then you’re right! Dave Z. spotted this one on the 100 block of West Cesar Chavez.

Be careful Dave!