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County Jails More Corrupt Than You Can Imagine

The LA County Citizens Commission on Jail Violence has been going on, with Sheriff Baca and Undersherriff (kind of a degrading title) Tanaka saying all sorts of ridiculous things.

But as a story by Robert Faturechi in today’s LA Times reveals, jail deputies aren’t just abusive maniacs– they’re also incredibly corrupt! We’re talking rampart-level corruption here.

The story reads like something out of The Departed: “an elite intelligence team” working within the jail system learns that a deputy is smuggling drugs for skinhead inmates. The investigators tell their boss, Lt. Greg Thompson… who then tells the drug-smuggling deputy, revealing both the names of the intelligence team and the names of the secret jailhouse informants.

This is no isolated incident either:

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Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Keeps Saddest Blog in All the Land

Meet Steve Whitmore. He’s a spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. You know, the one that’s corrupt and abusive? He’s also son of James Whitmore, famous actor, known for such roles as the old guy who kills himself (spoiler alert!) in Shawshank Redemption. Also I think maybe one of the apes in Planet of the Apes? And maybe one of the people in Them!

But back to Steve. Simone Wilson of The LA Weekly (a publication for which this blogger is employed, from time to time, as a freelancer) has discovered Steve’s personal WordPress blog, which turns out to be full of sadness and regret. Recent posts include Disappointments line the street to fulfillment (finding that monstrous black cloud in your silver lining) Holidays are tough for those alone, disenfranchised and, perhaps, lost (disenfranchised? what are you, Martin Luther King?), and One of these days… (that’s it, I’m calling the suicide hotline).

Wilson flags this gem of a quote, taken from a post titled, Smiling people can’t be trusted:

As you probably can tell, I don’t get invited to a lot to parties or small dinner affairs because I don’t smile a lot. I don’t tend to look on the bright side of things. I tend to wallow in the mud of humanity and weep for the soul of our culture. Not to put too fine a point on it, I don’t look at the glass as half full, I don’t look at the glass as half empty. I don’t see a glass at all; just empty space swirling around a continual repetition of disappointment.

Wilson comments:

In any other government office, a head of communications with a blog this bizarre would be booted in no time. But on the whole, the Sheriff’s Department is quite a motley crew of Wild West losers; maybe it takes a self-deprecating mess like Whitmore to get up every morning and face the department’s special brand of media onslaught. Takes one to know one, or whatever.