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Gwen Stefani/Michelle Obama Cover-Up Disgrace in BH: Media Abets Silence

When American politicians turn to Los Angeles for campaign funds, endorsements, advice    and general political black ops, there has for the better part of a decade now been only one stop that is de riguer.  To those in the know, there is only one kingmaker who stands astride all others and that of course is the former No Doubt singer/Fullerton native Gwen Stefani.  Kissing the Stefani ring has become the critical rite of passage for anyone from school board members to UN Secretary Generals who dream of a political future.    A thumbs down from Stefani and her husband Gavbert Something who was also in a band, a political career is Dead On Arrival.

Thus, on her recent campaign swing through the city, it was no surprise that First Lady Michelle Obama made the pilgrimage to Castle No Doubt, the couple’s sprawling Beverly Hills estate.   According to the press pool report, the First Lady received what is known in the industry as The Full Stefani, a bag of tricks afforded to the singer/political boss’ favorite supplicants. The “Sunday of Fun” package including, as is customary, tattoo and balloon animal stations, staffers in hot dog shaped hats, platters of roasted meats and opportunities for guests to view the Castle’s infinity pool and attached infinity hot tub.

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