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California Anticipates Return of Its State Momument: The San Onofre Beach Boobs

It’s been about nine months since California’s most iconic and cherished landmark, the giant nuclear boobs of San Onofre, stopped producing their sweet mothers milk of nuclear energy, after some paranoid “safety worker” became afraid of a possible tube leak. But happy days are here again – Southern California Edison has filed a proposal with the Nuclear Energy Commission to start up one of the boobs.

Tree-huggers, who no doubt lack the appreciate of massive, concrete boobs overlooking a glistening Southern California Ocean, are against the plan to reopen the power plant. According to the Times:

Critics decried the proposal to fire Unit 2 back up as a dangerous gamble, saying it’s not clear that running the unit at reduced power will prevent the conditions that caused the tube wear, as Edison and a team of experts from other companies concluded.

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Local Delegates Teach Democrats About Politics California Style at the DNC

Demonstrating to the nation at large how we practice politics here on the edge of the American experiment, two delegates to the Democratic National Convention began the proceeding with an authentic re-enactment of life in the California state legislature, complete with passing out on the floor of a hotel lobby, calling an ambulance to evacuate himself, and delivering an official apology.

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