Battle of the Ermans Turns Awkwardly Aggressive And Almost Violent

Congressmen Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, running for the same seat (thanks to redistricting), mistake their debate at Pierce College for an episode of Jerry Springer.

After the debate, Berman consultant Brandon Hall tried to give his version of the event, Rashomon-style:

In response, the Sherman campaign has released a transcript of the fracas, in an attempt to show that their candidate is merely deranged, and not, in fact, psychotically violent:

Berman: He’s either delusional or a liar…

Moderator, admonishing Berman: Okay, let’s … I thought you guys got along better.

Sherman: No, no Howard, Luis Gutierrez introduced the bill, you didn’t .

Berman: You’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Sherman: The official records of Congress will prove you wrong. Don’t you dare stand up here in the West San Fernando Valley and get in my face. [At this point Berman has come over to Sherman’s table and is confronting Sherman nose to nose.] Get away from me.

Berman: You’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Sherman: Howard, you want to get into this? You want to put your face into my face … ??

Moderator: Okay, I would like to take control of this debate again …

Sources says that in the next debate, Brad Sherman will be armed with a short sword and a shield. Berman will opt for the pitchfork and net.