Five Fake Questions for: Holla!

(A a series of imaginary conversations with area newsmakers by Native Angeleno Editor At Lunch Stacey Grenrock Woods. In order to adequately hold their feet to the fire, Editor Woods will be supplying not only the questions, but what she believes would be the newsmakers answers as well. This week we are thrilled to bring our readers a major Native Angeleno exclusive: our interview with LA’s most beloved word: Hollah!)

Q: Why do people say you?
A: You know, just to say “yo” or “what up” and whatnot. Like, if you see your boy at the club, you could be like, “Is that my boy over there? Holla!” Or you could say like, “Aight, I’ll holla at you later.”

Q. So you’re short for “holler”?
A: Basically, yeah.

Q: Do you get perturbed when middle-aged white people say you?
A: Nah, it’s all good.

Q: Are you always an exclamation? I think I’d like to use you in a serious setting, like: “Yes doctor, I understand. Holla.”
A: {Laughs} Well, you know, I’m all about the good times, but if you want to use me like real talk, that’s cool too. Do what you feel, yo. It’s all good.

Q: You keep saying that, but is it all good? Is it really all good?
A: Yo, is that my boy over there? Holla!