NikkiLeaks: Nikki’s Hardest Hitting Snarkiest Moments in Her “Live Snarking of the Emmy’s”

Fearless journalism!  In real time! 

1. I know why Les is TV’s smartest mogul.

2. He has made his well-written stereotypical character into a real breath of fresh air on primetime.

3. As Brad Grey (who used to manage Levitan) once said to me, “Steve is the only funny Jew I know who’s a perfect 40 Regular …” No wonder this guy loves the spotlight.

4. Trust me when I say that sooner rather than later Levitan will be writing and directing and producing for himself as the star of his own sitcom.

5. Claire Danes is TV’s younger Meryl Streep and Laura Linney. A true acting goddess.

6. The hot streak that Dana Walden and Gary Newman are on is unparalled in recent history. They rule.

7. No one else owns this category or makes more provocative movies than HBO’s Len Amato, Michael Lombardo, and Richard Plepler.

8. So smart of WME’s Patrick Whitesell and manager JJ Harris to convince Kevin to be Kevin again — even if it is on TV. Costner in an American Western? We’re there.

Bonus Questionable Taste Name Drop Vignette: I had the misfortune to break the news to Ron Howard that Andy Griffith had died.