Much of the media coverage of the impending sale of AEG, which left us all confused and lonely, has focused on what the sale would mean for the proposed downtown football stadium. But I’ve been particularly transfixed by the mayor’s reaction. Here’s a great paragraph by KPCC’s Frank Stoltz:

The mayor refused to say when he learned about a possible sale of AEG. Under persistent questioning by reporters, Villaraigosa would only say, “I’m the mayor. I knew. I’m the mayor, and I knew. Let me be clear about something — I’m the mayor and I knew.”

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In summation: Villaraigosa is the mayor. And he knew.

Is it just me or is Villaraigosa trying really really really hard to convince us that he knew about the sale? Like if he didn’t know about it, then he’s not a very good mayor– or not even the mayor at all (this is either what he thinks or what he thinks we think). Maybe there is a connection to being the mayor of LA and knowing everything about AEG. Like you can’t be one without the other. And if you don’t know everything about AEG, you’re automatically recalled.

I smell a new 2013 campaign promise: As mayor of your city, I will always know what AEG is doing at all times. And therefore I will be the mayor. And I will know. Cause I’ll be  the mayor. Etc. and so on.

Update: The LA Times has posted a partial transcript of the touchy press conference that yielded the “I’m the mayor and I knew” quote. It includes this hilarious exchange with the mayor and the Times’ Kate Linthicum:

VILLARAIGOSA: I’ll take one more question. Kate!

LINTHICUM: It’s two questions — small.

VILLARAIGOSA: No, you get one. You can ask two.

LINTHICUM: In one question can I ask two questions? When exactly did you know? And did AEG identify a potential buyer?

VILLARAIGOSA: I think I’ve been very clear. I’ve known for some time now.

LINTHICUM: But why not say it? Why not say when?

VILLARAIGOSA: Because I don’t need to. I’m sorry Kate. I’ve known some time now there was a possibility a sale could occur. The actual decision, as I understand it, has been very, very recent. But I’ve known for some time.

Unless I’m mistaken, Villaraigosa is implying that he knew about the decision before it happened, which would mean he’s imbued with psychic powers.

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