Women in the LAT Ranks: Not a Boys’ Club You Say?

Earlier today, the LA Times took time out of its busy schedule of ignoring their state’s imminent doom to pat themselves on the back for the fact that 75 percent of their political coverage is written by women.

That may very well be so.  But the Times headline proclaiming that political reporting is not a boys’ club at the LA Times seemed a strangely limited proclamation; begging almost the question, if political reporting is not a boys’ club at the LA Times, what is?

We took a little peek around the masthead and found the answer: plenty.  Let’s have a look at the Not a Boys’ Club by the numbers:

Masthead Editors:
Male: 12
Also note, those three female editors are listed 2nd,  5th and 6th from the bottom of the page.  And in a place obsessed, I say obsessed, with internal hierarchy, the order of appearance is no accident.

Section Editors/Dept Heads (Note: this definition is a bit slippery with sections having been folded but as best I can gather):
Male: 13
Editorial pages, Foreign, National,  DC,  California, Sports, Daily Calendar, Sunday Calendar, Food,  Home, Design, Photo, Arts and Ent
Female: 6
Sunday Opinion and Op-Ed,  Obituaries, Business,  Travel, Features, Image

Male: 13
Female:  5

Entertainment Columnists, Critics and “Lead Bloggers”
ale: 11
Female: 3

But heck, who’s really counting, right?