LA Times Congratulates Self For Using Women To Churn Out Irrelevant Horse Race Coverage

The Times reports that 75% of election coverage is being written by men, but not at the LA Times, nuh-uh, whose election coverage is, according to the Times, 60% written by ladies Maeve Reston, pictured to the left, whom I met once. At least I think it was her.

Good work, LA Times, and good work, fairer sex. Females at the Times have proven, time and again, that they are just as good at writing irrelevant horse race stories about national elections while ignoring a myriad of problems in our own state as it slides into a pit of bankruptcy and despair as men are.

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    And don’t forget Maeve Reston’s Twitter-friendly “#campaignfashionreport” photos. Because if you’re gonna represent LA journalism, you may as well represent our fair city’s total commitment to frivolity.