KTLA Censors Real Story of Great White Shark Sighting Off Venice Beach

Yesterday,  LA’s venerable Channel Five ran a report on the sighting of a 20 foot Great White Shark by a group of boaters off Venice Beach.  While their report hosted by the venerable Ogla Ospina sounded the alarm to all foolish enough to enter waters not encased in concrete in their own backyard or rec center,  the report hid the full truth from KTLA News’ viewers.

The report shows viewers a very selectively edited audio-free snippet of the shark gliding by the boat.  We were curious why viewers were allowed such a small taste of what must have been a longer video, so we turned to YouTube and in a Native Angeleno exclusive investigation, tracked down the raw footage, which we share with you for the first time on this site, after the jump.

Indeed, it was instantly clear why KTLA felt the need to protect their viewers from this footage.  The aftermath of a shark sighting is not a pretty thing, but still we wonder if there were not some ideological motive behind the decision?  We at Native Angeleno have long warned our fellow citizens about the potentially catastrophic consequences of allowing so much untamed nature to rage just inches off our beaches.  It’s not a popular view and this would not be the first time it has been silenced.  But here in living color we see the full effects of what can happen when you are enjoying a nice day out on a boat and a wild shark glides by.

In a matter of seconds, before our very eyes, a boat full of recreationists is turned into foul-mouthed stoner/Jimmy Buffetian idiots.  All it took was one shark.