Raunchy Details Emerge From Ramon Cortines Lawsuit

The Courthouse News Service has all the raunchy details emerging from the Ramon Cortines “sexual battery” lawsuit. Former LAUSD employee Scot Graham makes the following accusations, according to the lawsuit:

  • Days after hiring him, Cortines tried to grab Graham’s penis, then proposed the two of them go to Cortines’ office to have sex.
  • Years later, after Cortines had become Superintendent, he invited Graham to a getaway at Cortines’ ranch, where he once again attempted to grab and grope Graham, and tried to kiss him on the mouth.
  • That night, Cortines entered Graham’s room, naked as a jaybird, his penis erect. He got into Graham’s bed and started masturbating. He then grabbed Graham’s penis and stated, “you’re not getting hard.”


But perhaps more shocking is the coverup.

Graham says he told higher ups about the incidents but they were never investigated due to LAUSD’s ”culture of sexual abuse, stealth and secrecy.” From CNS:

He says he reported the incidents to his supervisors and to the district’s general counsel, David Holmquist, but no action was taken.
Holmquist, a nonparty, told him to “‘forget’ about the incident with Cortines,” Graham says.
“What is the point of ruining a man’s career … what are you going to accomplish by complaining?” Holmquist allegedly asked.

Who else was protecting Cortines?

“It appeared that Cortines had an inner circle of individuals whom he had appointed to positions of authority in order to insulate himself from the consequences of his sexual exploits,” Graham claims.

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