City Council: Everybody Must Not Get Stoned

The City Council, after a genuine, real, honest to god debate, voted 13-1 to ban all pan shops in Los Angeles. And by 13-1, we mean 14-0, since Paul Koretz changed his vote retroactively (this is not a Mitt Romney joke) by going up to the city clerk later.

And so it is that, 16 years after California voted to legalize medical marijuana, the city council for the largest city in the state, after failing to construct a coherent policy for each of those 16 years, simply voted to rip the whole thing up and go back to prohibition.

So within 45 days (or 30, or 90– everyone reports a different number) the 762 (or 1,000, or however many– no one really knows!) dispensaries will forced to shut their doors or face the wrath of LAPD.


Dave Z. also notes that marijuana advocates are donating money to reelect Rosendahl and Councilman Paul Koretz– which odd, since neither of them actually voted against the measure to ban dispensaries. Koretz voted no at first but then retroactively changed his vote. Rosendahl, meanwhile, was a no show.

His deputy told reporters that Rosendahl hurt his back– a suspiciously convenient excuse in an elected body that votes unanimously 99.2% of the time, where councilmen routinely make up fake excuses so as not to be the odd man out.

Recently an incident happened after people were too stoned.

A 21-year-old man and his brother, 15, were critically injured after crashing during a motorcycle chase from Riverside to Moreno Valley, while carrying a backpack full of marijuana.


Police tried to stop the motorcycle for driving without a license plate about 2:15 a.m. near Chicago Avenue and Third Street when the rider sped away, police said.

The motorcycle led police on a chase topping 90 mph heading south down Interstate 215 toward Moreno Valley. The rider exited at Alessandro Boulevard and motioned like he might reenter the freeway toward Perris before he crashed.

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